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truth and rights. love and light.

 “ Truth and Rights. Love and Light. ” 

I Yahn I Arkestra is one of America's most unique and original reggae bands, offering up cosmic beats—psychedelic, herb-induced soundscapes with an uplifting message and positive vibes. Revolutionary & rootical rhythms, politically-powerful and socially-conscious lyrics, all beautifully wrapped in a spiritually poignant live experience. Direct from Philadelphia, the Arkestra offers up sounds from the rainbow circle—dub-wise, reggae-wise and otherwise.

 “ Who Feels It Knows It. One Love. ” 

IYIA is a chalice hit straight to your head. Reggae, Psychedelic, Dub, Dub, Dub—Where a performance is more like a birth and the lush sounds of an old Nyabingi Groundation. Experience the eternal heartbeat underneath cosmic jams led by Arkestra founders Ras Jah D and wife Kaseopia—both of whom have spent their lives in livication of wholistic living, love of humanity and the study of healing through earth traditions and ancient cultures.

Always independent, self-recorded and self-produced, the Arkestra is music with a message, guaranteed to uplift every soul.

"Most amazing indie band ever! A must see live [true spirit warriors]. Very original style." -Daryl (CDBaby)

The Brand New Ifficial Arkestra Video
• Sinking Sand
Directed by Kelly G. Ireland, the brand new Sinking Sand video release for I Yahn I Arkestra takes on one of the more beautiful versions of an old tradional.
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